Low Cost Renewable Energy and Improved Efficiency
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Low Cost Renewable Energy and Improved Efficiency
Affordable and efficient energy products and services are prerequisites for sustainable development and a major determinant of income and productivity, health and gender roles.

In some areas of the world however, satisfying basic needs such as lighting and cooking is not as easy as flipping a switch. It can involve walking for miles in search of firewood or working in the dim light of an oil lamp at night. It can also involve dangers to health due to indoor air pollution and exacerbated gender roles. According to WHO, indoor air pollution is the third highest killer after HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Energy disadvantaged people can spend up to 50% of their incomes on energy, leaving them little income to purchase household necessities let alone begin to save - thus locking people in a perpetual cycle of poverty.

By exploiting renewable energy sources such as sunlight and introducing more efficient energy alternatives, people can reduce energy expenses, increase productive time, improve their health and safety and maybe even begin to save for other investments - leading to transformative development.