Low Cost Renewable Energy and Improved Efficiency
Sensitization and Capacity Building
Micro Business Development Support

Microbusiness Development Support
The key to our vision of sustained development is to mobilize the local community to assume ownership of their energy challenges, recognize the need for local capacity to overcome these challenges and to provide an impulse to help them to help themselves.

Through the smallsolutions energy enterprise development program (S.E.E.D.), we offer motivated community members in-depth training in the use, maintenance, repair and adaptation of the clean energy products and assistance in setting up their own small businesses including basic bookkeeping, sales and marketing skills.

smallsolutions, through its technology partner, provides its SEED entrepreneurs access to a tested portfolio of quality lighting and cooking products and technologies which cater to different customer needs and market segments. Through the partner's ability to purchase in bulk and provide regional warehousing, the entrepreneurs are able to save transportation costs and gain access to lower cost products - making the renewable energy alternatives even more affordable for the end consumer.

Our vision is to establilsh an organic model for continued indigenous growth and future sustainability long after our initial intervention is completed. Each SEED enterprise forms a community or local energy center from which a wider network can grow.