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Renewable Energy Program Started in Kisumu, Kenya

communityDemo18 March 2011. smallsolutions and EcoFinder Kenya, a Kisumu based environmental organization, have formed a partnership to improve access to renewable energy in the lakes region around Kisumu. Targeting the wetlands, the two organizations aim to reduce the population's dependence on traditional energy sources which has led to deforestation, flooding and human-animal conflict.

The partnership aims to facilitate the development of a sustainable and widespread distribution chain to provide renewable energy products, services and employment opportunities throughout the region. Technologies such as solar lanterns, solar lighting for night fishing and small biogas digesters for methane gas production will be introduced and promoted.

The partnership has recently started a small solar lantern pilot in fishing communities on the Lake Victoria island of Mageta and is introducing small biogas digesters to local farmers in the hill regions of northeastern Kisumu.

Once the necessary infrastructures are in place, both organizations have committed themselves to the long term goal of establishing Ecovillages to showcase sustainable solutions for wetland villages.